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Smiles for the People products are currently offered online and at select retailers in North America. Be sure to contact your favorite retailer if you’d like them to stock our products.
We are all about sustainable solutions to the oral health crisis around the world. Because of that, we support the work of reputable, experienced, and effective dental charities however we can.

Some companies give away one product for every product you purchase, but to be most effective, we do it differently. Instead, we donate the cash or materials equivalent to the cost of manufacturing one toothbrush. For more on why this is a good thing, visit the How It Works page.
Great question! Our first Giving Partner is a registered charity in Argentina called Todos Juntos. Operating two free clinics in the poverty-stricken communities around Buenos Aires, Todos Juntos provides dental care for 7,000 children every year. By purchasing a Smiles for the People toothbrush, you are supporting this amazing work.
We sell great toothbrushes and support the work of great dental charities. Truth be told, we just wouldn’t be very good at providing dental care ourselves. So, we don’t accept donations, but our Giving Partners do. We’d love to put you in touch!
Our brushes are currently made by some amazing folks in China. They source the bamboo, prepare it, shape the brushes, imprint them, insert the bristles, and send those beautiful new creations on their way way.

We work really hard to ensure that our suppliers adhere to socially and environmentally responsible practices. They don’t employ children under the age of 18 and must pay and treat all employees fairly. We also work with them to determine the carbon footprint of their manufacturing processes so that we can reduce our environmental impact over time.
Short answer: kind of. The bristles are made from nylon, and nylon biodegrades over many years. We are always looking for new ways to make the bristles even more environmentally friendly.
Not yet. We’d love to offer children’s brushes if there is enough demand. If you are interested, drop us a line here.
Absolutely! Shoot us an email. We promise a real, live human will respond right away!
You bet! See above, and be on the lookout for specials.