How It Works

Our mission is to sell the highest quality and most environmentally responsible dental supplies while helping improve the oral health of people who can’t access or afford the dentist.

To achieve that mission, we work hard to develop long term relationships with reputable organizations that share our vision for a world in which no person lives without access to quality and affordable dental care.  Alongside those organizations–we call them our Giving Partners–we donate the equivalent of ONE toothbrush for every brush we sell.

Our goal is to work with a variety of Giving Partners who are providing dental care to those in need, advocating for increased access to dental care in their communities, training dentists and other care providers, and teaching people about the importance of proper dental hygiene.

Some “One for One” companies give away one physical product for every one you buy, but to be most effective, we do it differently. Instead of giving away physical toothbrushes, our Giving Partners tell us exactly what they need. They might ask us for the funds to open a new clinic, buy supplies, run a training program, or facilitate community outreach and education. And yes, they may sometimes even need a donation of toothbrushes.

The point is, we believe the best way to get people the dental care they need is for locally operating organizations to work toward locally appropriate solutions.

Here is our promise to you: After every giving cycle (usually every quarter), we will create a Giving Report to tell you exactly how and where our donations were spent.

Our entire company relies on three key ingredients to work- People, Product, and Planet. Read about each, and then visit our shop to help share the gift of Smiles for the People.