Giving Update

It’s been awhile since we have updated you about the huge impact your Smiles for the People purchases have had around the world.

This is not a complete picture of the giving we have done lately, but we thought it would be fun to share some photos before we put together a larger post.

This past summer, Timmy Global Health came to us and asked about our process for donating brushes. We don’t always donate physical toothbrushes because our partners can often provide better care to their communities with a strategic donation of cash. With those funds, partners can pay local staff, purchase local materials, and design interventions that are unique to their communities’ needs.

That said, sometimes partners need brushes, and that was the case with TGH.

So, we sent 1000 brushes their way, and they distributed them to children in the Dominican Republic.

Instilling a value for proper brushing in kids can yield huge dividends long into their future. Proper oral hygiene can help children excel in school, eat properly and nutritiously, and stay well. A toothbrush is a simple thing, but it can be a big deal.

Here are some photos from Timmy’s work: